Big Island Massage – this is a confirmation of your purchase and a personal Mahalo Nui (big thanks) from me. I have had a lot of technical challenges with my former web site host and PayPal account as they shifted into new corporate policies, new codes and new USA tax laws, default practices of billing me for 5-year hosting renewals, and other issues that are part of this fast-changing digital world we now live in. Old systems and links (that worked fine for over a decade) no longer worked, and some things that I did myself now require me to hire professionals. 

Having said that, I continue to do personal classes, sessions, writing books and organizing lretreats in Hawaii and New Zealand. 

I promise to personally answer any questions or issues you may have within two business days via email or phone, if you prefer. 

DIRECTIONS: If you purchased the Hawaiian Lomilomi ebook, you will be directed to the download page (if you have yet to go there). If you purchased the DVD set, please email me your postal mailing address. 

If you are interested in education or an apprenticeship, or just looking for a workshop during your Hawaii visit, let me know. Once you are ready to enroll in an upcoming class or retreat, or for your hands-on Hawaiian Apprenticeship, you can send me your $50 non-refundable deposit. I will need your: Name, email address, phone, dates / name of the event, and other requests (travel/accommodation, special needs, CEUs or other licensing requirements, etc.) You will receive an invoice,  followed by an official application form and welcome package upon receipt of your deposit.  

Just fyi: I have been personally assisting and training local and international students since 1982, and I know exactly how to help you regardless of your location or prior experience (or not). Furthermore, I love my role in empowering others, and continue to do it with the utmost integrity. That is my promise to you.