As a teacher since the 1980s, I had the honor of sharing knowledge with hundreds of students. From Kona and Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii in the 80s and 90s up until 2005, I focused on the education needed to become Hawaii-licensed in massage, with an emphasis on Sports Massage, Aromatherapy & Spa therapies, and Hawaiian Lomilomi. The basic education was always followed by 300+ hours in a “clinical setting”, meaning that students or apprentices would apply what they learned onto the athletes, friends, and/or general public. This clinical setting includes assessment, creating a tx (treatment plan), follow-up charting, and feed-back from the recipient. In this way the student practitioner learns and gathers invaluable experience and can track results (and what was or was not effective).

Thus, the classes naturally progress from firstly beginning/basics (which is also beneficial for working on family and friends), then to advanced techniques and clinical application (which requires a deeper level of responsibility, assessment and skill), and finally (for those who are accepted) into a true apprenticeship under a professor and/or kumu (source person; teacher; mentor) where students eventually master their skills and become knowledgeable and even licensed/registered massage therapists. 

Studying Human Anatomy/Physiology/Kinesiology, including palpation and the systems directly affected by massage therapy, is invaluable. These courses can often be taken remotely from your own home. Fifty hours (level one academic course in Hawaii, prior to an apprenticeship) is a minimum course about the primary body systems, and also provides an excellent review course for practitioners and those preparing for a national, regional, or USA state MBLEX licensing exam.

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Upcoming Classes & Events


1. 2023 Apprenticeships available (40 to 300 hours)

Courses of study are offered in blocks of 10 hours and up to full apprenticeships for Hawaii pre-licensing. Most of these classes will be held at our Spa Retreat in Volcano, Hawaii. Workshops range from weekends to months in duration, depending on the student's goals. Please inquire for details. REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN


2. Human Anatomy & Physiology (50 hours) Online only

Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology classes are held twice a week for eight weeks, either online or in person. Emphasis is on the muscular, skeletal, circulatory, nervous, skin and digestive systems. Palpation skills, postural observations, movement and Range-of-Motion are included. CLASSES BEGIN IN MARCH, MAY, and SEPT. 2023.


3. Introduction to Hawaiian Lomilomi (14 hours CEUs)

The most popular Hawaiian Lomilomi courses are typically held over several weekends: Overview/history of traditional Hawaiian healing arts and ho'opono (4 hours), and hands-on Lomi techniques (10 hours). Students observe, receive, and practice on other classmates. These classes offer CEUs and are NCBTMB Provider-approved. NEXT RETREAT IS APRIL 11-14, 2023. The early-bird tuition registration is only $395 USD (expires Sat. 2/24/23).This will include a Lomi ebook, excursion to Volcanoes Nat'l Park, and some of Hilo's famous Merrie Monarch festival events after Easter. Please inquire for details.


4. Spa Procedures (5-20 hours)

From Aromatherapy and Foot Reflexology to Hot Stones and Body Exfoliation treatments, monthly classes cover a range of techniques popular in clinics and spas around the world. In Hawaii, we include local products such as alaea sea salt, fresh plant medicines, kukui and macadamia nut oils, and essential oils. Classes are held in our Volcano Spa, and can be brought to you or your clinic as well. REGISTRATION NOW OPEN for FEBRUARY.

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