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Hawaiian Lomilomi, also called romiromi, tauromi, and similar words throughout Polynesia, is about traditional massage practiced for centuries throughout the island nations in the Pacific Ocean region. While there are many unique aspects of these, they all share certain similarities as well. All indigenous cultures of the world had much knowledge of local plant medicines as well as hands-on therapeutic-based massage and physical therapies, often part of martial arts/injury restoration/childbirth and other practical origins.

And equally true, all of this old, precious, time-tested healing knowledge was oppressed or controlled by the elite-classes of civilization’s history, most recently summarized in the word ‘colonization’ of the British Empire that reached far and wide. So our focus is on Polynesian healing arts, and my own expertise is in those of Hawaii as well as a bit in Aotearoa, NZ, and a few oher amazing experiences of value in Tahiti, Fiji, Australia, and British Columbia, all located on the outskirts of our huge Pacific Ocean. Thus many stories, interviews, and informational conversations with local elders and healing practitioners over the last three + decades have given me (and my teachings and archives) insights to share and a deep appreciation to value in ways I never imagined possible in my younger years.

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We recommend reading this book to learn more about authentic Hawaiian traditions and cultural healing arts:

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