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Massage Trainings on Hawaii Island since 1982


Big Island Massage became the trade name of the Sports and Lomilomi bodywork techniques that Nancy and her dedicated team delivered to hundreds of students and clients for decades in classrooms and clinics in both Kona and Hilo (1982-2003). Over the years, Nancy wrote several books on Hawaiian Lomilomi massage and published a set of Lomilomi DVDs, which incorporate many facets of natural healing including living aloha, restoring balance to one’s life, the gift of forgiveness, the use of plant medicines, and staying “right” (spiritually aligned) within yourself. Her US graduates went on to get their own therapeutic massage licenses, became practitioners, and even write books or become teachers and coaches. Meanwhile, Nancy immigrated to Aotearoa NZ, and taught lomi at wanangas (gatherings at Maori Centres), and both the NZ Certificate and Diploma of Therapeutic Massage in the Polytechnic vocational system, EIT, other private schools on the Eastern coast of the Northern Island (2007-2015). She then returned to the US, where she began her semi-retirement plan to develop clinical curriculum (New Mexico, 2016) and merge with CNA trainings for private senior homecare (Hilo, 2017) while working on her writing projects.

Nancy was inducted into the US World Massage Festival Hall of Fame in 2013.

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What exactly is Hawaiian Lomilomi?

Today, it is an evolving combination of traditional techniques that have been passed down from kumu (master teachers) to student practitioners for many generations, combined with modern adaptations that have blended with ‘professional’ massage therapy criteria and laws, and/or interpretive styles of the energetics and transformational potential of Lomilomi. So let’s unpack this together, and break it down historically.

Lomi massage and its healing tools extend way beyond the array of effective massage techniques and herbal medicines that align to enable the self-healing abilities of the body that first may come to mind. Assuming it actually is from the Hawaiian Islands in origin (which can often be a very faulty assumption),              it largely depends on the lineage and timeline of the teachings, as well as the island (and even district) of its origins.

So history can help us understand many deeper things about Hawaiian cultural practices, just as it can do for hula, la‘au lapa‘au (plant medicines), moon calendars for fishing and planting, celestial navigation, mele and ‘oli (song and dance), kahuna kahea (long-distance healing), agricultural practices, lua martial arts, the practice of ho‘oponopono, and the sacred way the people of Hawai‘i connected with the ‘aina. For it is history, and the foreign visitors and periodic invaders to these islands, that became part of the story. And thus over time, the more ancient ways have become increasingly sacred yet obscure.

I have been given, for reasons I still do not completely understand, the kuleana (calling; responsibility) to archive the highlights and teachings of many elders (1998-present) for the purpose of keeping this precious knowledge alive. Thus, through a path of learning, writing, experiencing, and gradually understanding these concepts since arriving here in 1973, I have been welcomed into the Hawaiian culture over time. I have two gorgeous part-Hawaiian sons, six mo‘opuna (grandchildren), and lots of stories to say the least! From my own teachers, I have collected more information than one person alone can possibly utilize—and, because it has been given to me without my asking, that means it’s time to share, and that the ‘kapu’ (protective limitations) are being lifted, layer-by-layer,         for all humanity who are capable to understand and appreciate higher Truths now.

I too am still learning as I become a ‘kupuna’ (respected, aging elder), yet there is still much more ahead! Apparently the Universe thinks I can handle it,     because my dreams and thoughts keep ‘downloading’ more to me. I also do love and deeply resonate with it, and always have. If your heart and quest is also genuine and part of your own kuleana, you too can handle it! You are warmly invited to join me, and the teachings from my own mentors and Hawaiian elders   that I have recorded, written, and aspire to share with all. For, it is time. So ‘tie on your slippahs’ as my late Aunty always said, and let’s go!

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Blessings of Aloha to you all.

Nancy’s 3rd Edition Lomi eBook!

Hawaiian Lomilomi – Big Island Massage (3rd Edition) by Nancy Kahalewai. Discover how lomi lomi can bring the feeling of Aloha into your world! This is the updated and revised edition of the 2nd release of Hawaiian Lomilomi: Big Island Massage. Richly illustrated with color photos, this pdf edition is not available in any other form. It includes stories about the traditional healers and elders, plant medicines, hands-on instruction, ho’oponopono, and details about the Hawaiian culture, protocols and language. Perfect for the professional therapist or for anyone desiring to learn more about loving touch and the depth of the Hawaiian Healing Arts.


Lomi Lomi Videos

We are delighted to offer you our Lomi Lomi Videos – a Lomi Training DVD set called “Hawaiian Lomilomi – Big Island Massage”. Our Lomi Lomi videos are delivered to you on high quality DVDs and comprise a two-part lomi training series that covers all of the techniques and principles that you’ll need to deliver an authentic full-body Lomilomi massage, as well as the Hawaiian values and elders who contributed to them.

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Traditional Lomilomi

Following the traditional practices of the Hawaiian healing arts, Lomi is a lifestyle as well as massage.

Continuing Education

Study advanced techniques designed to restore injuries and chronic conditions, and earn 24 NCBTMB provider-approved CEUs.

Spa Aromatherapy

Using the finest medical-grade essential oils, spa techniques are applied with hot stones and hydrotherapy for deep results.

Nancy’s Bio

Aloha kakou! My name is Nancy Kahalewai.
I am a published author and longtime licensed massage practitioner and teacher. I taught massage therapy on the Big Island of Hawaii from 1981 through 2006. During this time I founded two massage schools in Hawaii, and co-directed the first finish line massage team for Kona’s Ironman Triathlon. My specialties are    foot reflexology, sport massage, aromatherapy, and Hawaiian Lomilomi. In 2000 and 2005, I published my books on Hawaiian Lomilomi—Big Island Massage   and founded Island Moonlight, a publishing company specializing in print-on-demand books. I helped edit and publish books for some of my teachers and a   few of my students until moving to New Zealand. In Gisborne and Hawkes Bay, NZ, I taught the Certificate of Relaxation Massage and the Diploma of Therapeutic Massage from 2007 until 2014.

After studying Sustainable Horticulture in 2015, I returned back to Hawaii in 2016 to teach Hawaiian lomilomi and ventured to the US Mainland to teach clinical massage and attend my Induction Ceremony into the World Massage Festival Hall of Fame. In 2017, I attended a Certified Nurse Assistant course in Hawaii, adding private elder caregiving to my massage services.

I am now finishing my next books and producing a new online course on self-publishing.
I also offer private retreats in Hawaii that are NCBTMB provider-approved.

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It is my great joy to share these teachings with you, as given to me from my own Hawaiian teachers and mentors, and to help you to further your understanding  of traditional Lomi Lomi massage and healing concepts. They will give you insights to deeply transform your life. It is truly the Aloha Spirit in Motion!

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