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Hawaiian Lomilomi - Big Island Massage
by Nancy S. Kahalewai

'How-To-Lomi' DVDs

At last! Ten years of archiving Hawaiian elders and lomi mentors in Hawaii is compiled on viewing. List only $29.95 plus shipping. 

Learn about:book cover
1) About Lomilomi & Hawaiian healing
2) Techniques of both traditional and contemporary styles
3) Interviews with and Stories about the kupuna and elders from the Big Island
4) Hands-on massage routines
5) Forgiveness Pule (prayer)

Vol.1 - PRONE (basic strokes, demo, step-by-step hands-on instructions)
Vol.2 - SUPINE (review of prone, demo and step-by-step instructions of supine)

To order and for more info, click here: Lomilomi DVDs

by Pali Jae Lee

ISBN# 978-09677253-7-6

From the author of "Tales From the Night Rainbow" this is the revised edition of her formerly out-of-print classic book on Hawaiian values. List $16.95

                                                Learn about: 

book cover
1) The true Kahuna and mana (power) of ancient Molokai
2) Why ancient Hawaiians said every child was born a perfect "Bowl of Light"
3) The value of the 'Ohana (family)
4) How to live Aloha every day
5) How to call upon and listen to your ancestors
6) Why the ancient Hawaiian spiritual values are applicable today
7) References, History and Mythology

To order Pali's book, click here

Ho'opono eBook and DVD
by Pali Jae Lee

The author's book is now available with color photos in eBook format
We now also have a DVD called "Talking Story with Our Wisdom Keepers" with rare footage of Aunty Pali discussing the stories in her book. She talks about the ancient people of Molokai and Hawaiian values and wisdom. There are also clips of kumu hula Aunty Nona Beamer discussing a Pele hula to one of Nancy's classes. Filmed a few years before they 'walked the rainbow'. 

Learn about: 

book cover 1) The mana (power) of the Hawaiian Islands
2) Hawaiian traditions and spiritual beliefs
3) How the 'Bowl of Light' concept began
4) The true meaning of the 'Aloha Spirit'
5) How and why to call upon your ancestors and 'aumakua (guides)
6) The ancient clans and chants of Hawaii
7) and much, much more!! 

Order Pali's eBook
List $12.95 here

Order the DVD List $19.95 + 4.20 S/H here

Hawaiian Lomilomi - Big Island Massage
by Nancy S. Kahalewai
     ISBN# 978-09677253-2-1
This is the classic updated version of the premier book on Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage (first published in 2000).
                                                Learn about:
book cover 1) The history of Lomilomi & Hawaiian healing and culture
2) Terminology and Photographs of traditional techniques
3) Biographies of the kupuna and elders from the Big Island
4) Hands-on massage instructions
5) Plant Medicines
6) How to build your mana for healing and self-protection
7) Huna and Temple styles
8) References, glossary, and resources

2nd Ed Paperback (2005) List $18.95.  Order on Amazon here

3rd Ed eBook (2010 PDF downloadable file) List $17.95.

Order the color 3rd Edition Lomi eBook here

book cover
Hawaiianische Lomilomi Massage
by Nancy S Kahalewai

ISBN# 978-09677253-5-2

This is the German version of her classic book published in 2005.
List $19.95
Entdecken Sie das Gefühl von Aloha, mit dem Lomilomi-Massage Ihr Leben bereichern kann! Für Therapeuten und alle, die mehr über liebevolle Berührung und den spirituellen Hintergrund der hawaiianischen Kultur erfahren möchten.

To order the German edition on Amazon, click here

Surfing Tsunamis of Change
A Handbook for Change Agents
by Shanah Trevennah, BSc.Mech.Eng., M.A.

ISBN# 978-09677253-3-8

cover "Surfing Tsunamis of Change" sheds new light on what stifles change, and shares engaging research and proven strategies that every individual, organization, business and community can use to truly enjoy the process of changing towards sustainable prosperity. 
Through the inspiring journey of HUB at the University of Hawaii, a unique team of change agents, this book shares 30 easy to apply axioms that have been replicated throughout Hawaii and beyond to build a green economy movement.  Despite great odds, their passion, innovation and undying spirit shows how everyone can surf the great waves of change occurring in our world today. List $19.95

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